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Gilead Patient Assistance

Lacking Insurance coverage or have been denied coverage by your insurance plan? No problem!

Our team can help by enrolling you into Gilead Advancing Access® or Co-Pay Program, which will likely help cover the cost of your medication. Please note, in order to qualify for PrEP at no cost, you must not earn more than $62,450 annually. This information is confidential and is only shared with the drug maker Gilead and no credit checks are performed. If you make over the amount, we have a few other solutions we can enroll you into to ensure your medications is affordable. The additional information below will help our team do all the work for you!

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We will bill your insurance for the medication, and if necessary, enroll you in one of the drugmakers' patient assistance program's to cover any out-of-pocket costs. Your insurance will not be billed for the doctor consultation or the required labs.

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